A Simple Plan:

The Mood to Expect with the Weather

Most people will care to check the weather only to see if it will interfere with activities they have planned that day. It gets even more disconnected for people working inside office buildings all day because they will rarely notice any changes in the weather unless seated by the window. Depending on the people you ask and the experiences they have had in life very few people would agree to the weather affecting their moods, some will even find that absurd. Science, however, happens to think that the weather affects our moods. When you don’t get enough sunlight, it is said that you will be sad no matter the situation you are in. The explanation here is the production of the hormone responsible for making you sleepy, as you become slug you will not be in a position to function normally. Exposure to sunlight puts motivation in you and I has been said that you will spend more when you are exposed to sunshine. With precipitation, it is likely that you will eat more, the levels of serotonin will go down but carbohydrates can spike them back up. However that happens only for a short time and you will find yourself back at the snacks. For there to be a downpour, atmospheric pressure will go down and this has an effect of making the blood move to the tissue where the joints will have more of the blood pressure hence stiffness and pain especially when you are in an uncomfortable position for too long. Being outside especially on good weather will get your good hormones flowing and science has it that creativity and memory will I be at its best. With that in mind you should find some time to be out for walks when you can. Being that exposure to the sun brings the best of moods in us, you will easily adopt a helpful and romantic mood at such times. Summer makes one of the fun-filled times where you can be out engaging in what you love.

Its best to spend time with the people you love. Extremely high temperatures have the effects of masking people aggressive. when it’s extremely cold people will be slow and probably not the best time to expect much. The cold weather is known for little motivation and people generally being inactive since several body processes have been slowed. Save your physical engaging tasks for another time because the results will not be as you expect. Checking the weather should also come with considering how that could influence your moods especially during the hurricane season.