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Benefits of having Plumbing Tools

Tradespeople are the person known for their expertise in their trade and the specific use of tools for their individual job. Plumbers also possess that kind of distinctive professionalism, like any other tradesmen, he will also provide quality services to his customer and maintain his own tools for his plumbing solutions. Below are the essential tools of a plumber use to benefits a solution in repairing plumbing problems.

Pipe Cutters are specifically used by all plumbers to cut pipe of any size and length, such as copper pipe, galvanized pipe and engineering plastic pipe. They often produced a clean cut in a fast and convenient method of cutting compared to a hacksaw that needs a little deburring afterwards. The approach of the tool is design to a safer way that it never slips when fitted around the pipe with a slight grip of turns to cut.

Augers, also known to many as drain snakes is another tools of the plumber that easily extract clogs inside the pipes, and made of heavy duty coiled wire. It’s sharp twisted nose that screws to the pipe will remove the clog and comes in many sizes to fit pipes of various diameters.

Wrenches, the most important equipment is made in various sizes and specially designed tools, it has a long, slender and adjustable body and the heads will grip bolts and nuts. This wrench also allows the plumber to twist and reach the narrow gap behind the sink’s basin to install faucets and other water supply lines.

Plumber’s tape also known to others as teflon tape will make any connection between pipes and fittings to become waterproof. All plumbers will use this flexible tape to seal the connection to retains its tightness by rounding up to the thread.

Plungers, to all plumbers, they consider it as the most simple and the most traditional tool to unclogged pipes. Plumbers of today possess sophisticated tools unclog pipes, but still plunger plays an important role of unclogging.

Tongue-and Groove Pliers is a tool specially designed to a narrow and confined spaces, and it is very important to all plumbers have this kind of tool.

Plumber’s Putty is moldable material that serves as a watertight seal around the plumbing pipes. Nonetheless, plumber’s putty is fit to used in any pressurised pipe but instead good for a drainpipe.

A plumber, must possess all these important tools in your toolbox and retain a certification of being licensed to become a world class plumber for the benefits of your clients.